Manure spreader N-264 - 12 tons on the "TANDEM"chassis type made on parabolic
steel springs is agricultural machine designed for spreading manure, peat, compost, etc.

N-264 Manure spreader is characterized by very sealed loading box allowing the spreading of diluted manure loaded directly from the dunghill. New patented conveyor chains tensioning system ensures that manure tdoes not leak out after loading during the transport on the field.
The spreader is equipped with a broadband double plate adapter AVH2 which one ensures wide (up to 25 meters) and steady manure spreading.



  • PTO  shaft

  • two horizontal grinding drums and two spreading plates

  • side walls 1150 mm

  • sealed loading box

  • hydraulically lifted rear wall

  • pneumatic brake systems

  • suspension tandem parabolic leaf spring

  • lighting system 12V






N-264, 12 tones
TECHNICAL DETAILS loading capacity 12 000 kg
weight 4980 kg
DIMENSIONS lenght 7850 mm
width 2410 mm
height 2900 mm
SPECIFICATION loading box dimensions (lenght x width x height) 5500 x 2140x 1150 mm
loading capacity 13,5 m3
floor height from the ground 1460 mm
tires 550/60-22,5 16PR
wheel base 1800 mm
axle base 1350 mm
transport/work speed 40 km/h / 8km/h
tractor power 130 HP