Modern single axle farm trailer with three sides tiping system to the back and sideways. It is designed for the transport of agricultural products and any bulk and volume materials.

 Discharge window in the rear wall allows for stream unloading of bulk materials. Low chassis

 T-117 in comparison with the other type trailer makes it easy to load and unload.



  • floor thickness 3 mm made ​from a single metal sheet

  • ladder for easy access to the load box

  • walls opening universal system

  • walls central locking system

  • pneumatic brake systems

  • parking handbrake with crank

  • discharge window at the back wall

  • lighting system 12V that meets the requirements of road traffic






  • additional walls 500 mm w

  •  spare wheel with hanger

  • gutter for rear discharge window


    T-117/1 T-117/0
TECHNICAL DETAILS loading capacity 2600/2435 kg 3500 kg
weight 1150 / 1260 kg 1195 / 1300 kg
DIMENSIONS lenght 4730 mm 4730 mm
width 1990 mm 1990 mm
height 1275 mm 1490 mm
height with additional walls 1775 mm 1990 mm
SPECIFICATION loading box dimensions (lenght x width x height) 3320 x 1810 x 500 (1000) 3320 x 1810 x 500 (1000)
floor height from the ground 875 mm 1050 mm
tires 10/75-15,3 10 PR 11,5/80-15,3 12 PR
wheel base 1450 mm 1450 mm
transport speed 30 km/h 30 km/h
tractor power Min. 30 HP Min. 30 HP
tipping angle 50º 50º