Hot dip galvanizing technology process consists in a careful and thorough chemical preparation of steel details. 

Chemical purification of steel is multi-stage and it is designed to complete removal of any impurities from the surface.

After careful preparation of surface steel permanently binds with molten zinc to form a protective coating.

Steel products improperly protected against external factors are characterized by a reduced service life. From all of the known methods of corrosion preventing hot dip galvanizing is the best. It is especially effective, durable and most economical way of corrosion protection.
Corrosion or steel oxidation is a phenomenon of unintended destruction of the material due to its reaction with the surrounding environment.
Hot-dip galvanizing consists in dipping a properly prepared steel element in molten zinc.

The temperature of hot-dip galvanizing process is 450-460 ° C. At this temperature is following diffusion of the zinc particles in the outer layer of steel,
which generates a strong intermolecular bond Fe-Zn.