CynkoMet sp o.o.  company was registered on 22 May 2003, however, our tradition of agricultural machinery dates back to 1956. CynkoMet Office is located on the former Agricultural Machinery Plant in Czarna Bialostocka.

1st of June  2004, we launched one of the modern and largest in hot galvanizing plants in Poland

We have a galvanizing bath with dimensions 9.0 m x 1.5 mx 3.1 m

Currently we employ around 250 people.

We are a well organized company. We are characterized by high professionalism and individual approach to each client. Our priority is to meet the high expectations of our customers.

Terms of cooperation we adopt to the needs of every indyvidual customer

We extremely appreciate the direct contact with the customer, therefore  we actively participate in many fairs and exhibitions.

Aiming to meet the high expectations of our customers, we gradually developing, expanding the product range and increasing the quality our services.

From our side, we promise competitive prices, professional service and the timely fulfillment of orders entrusted to us.