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We are pleased to introduce our offer for the protection of steel constructions in the  DUPLEX system.

DUPLEX system is a combination of coatings steel components - in our case - zinc and an additional outer covering with a layer of varnish.

Use of DUPLEX system provides the following effects:

- A significant increase in the effectiveness of protection of steel structures against corrosion

- A significant extension of the resistance to corrosion which significantly reduces expenditures for maintenance of the constructions.

- Possibility to choose the color and the possibility of the application of the necessary markings resulting from the safe operation of the facility.

In order to meet all the requirements posed by the modern world in the field of corrosion protection of steel constructions and aesthetics, our company has made large investments in facilities, equipment and training of our employees.

Paint Shop

We have a modern paint shop to liquid coating application with dimensions 35,9m x 34.64 m and a height at the highest point 10,41m.

Paint shop is equipped with a modern paint-furnace cabin made by Termomechanika company with dimensions - length 15m, width 5m, height 4m.

We have modern equipment for the application of coatings TKY Hydrodynamic and electrostatic pumps Airless.

We use varnishes:

- Chemo curing 2K
- one component1K
- Epoxy primers, polyurethane, etc..
- We put coats in colors RAL, NCS, PANTOM
- Perform services with supplied materials

Our Paint Shop has the ability to paint 300 tons of heavy construction for a month.

We invite You to cooperation.